Level One

If you are a beginning watercolor artist who is just starting out then this course is for you. Karen begins with the very basics of materials selection and proceeds to take you on a journey of discovery as you learn how to work with this fantastic medium. Pulling from her extensive academic training, personal brush mileage as a watercolor artist as well as her twenty plus years of teaching experience provide her students with a wealth of knowledge that is sure to give the budding student a boost up as they start their exploration of watercolor. Intermediate painters will also gain from this informative workshop if you are needing a refresher course.

You will paint:

  • A collection of sea glass
  • An apple
  • A Koi fish

Topics Covered in this course:

  • Choosing the best art materials
  • Setting up your palette
  • Watercolor paper and paper preparation
  • Mounting paper to board
  • How to use a watercolor block
  • Color gradients – Getting to know your paints
  • Using Water to change values of the color
  • How water affects the paint on the paper
  • Exploring basic brushstrokes

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