Level Two

In this course, Karen takes the basic information presented in Level One. and adds some key fundamentals to developing a foundation in watercolor painting. As with any discipline, there are peaks and valleys as you grow. This course is designed to broaden your understanding of watercolor as a medium and help to solidify your confidence as you explore your creative expression. This is also a great course if you haven’t been painting for a season or are an intermediate or advanced painter in need a refresher in watercolor.

You will paint;

  • Leaves
  • A blue crab
  • Whimsical fruit doodles

Topics in this course:

  • Useful marks in watercolor painting
  • Painting and softening edges
  • How to use white in watercolor
  • Working with layering paint into paint
  • Creating wet into wet patterns and textures
  • Salt techniques
  • Scraffito
  • Using masking fluid

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